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About Us

We focus on transforming our clients’ personal preferences into personalized design elements.

We distinguish ourselves from other companies because at Inch Design, we focus on
transforming our clients’ personal preferences into personalized design elements. In
addition, proficient construction techniques are infused to create unique functional
spaces that are full of creativity. Besides, integrity and honesty are in the heart of all
processes, meanwhile we emphasize principle of quality materials usage that are

Design that brings family closer to each other
Design that brings family closer to each other

At Inch Design, life stories of house owners are transformed into creative design elements. Each functional space is concoction of modern trendy materials and professional construction techniques. We apply space flow with careful consideration on the space type, with our ultimate ideal, which embodies family bonding time, in mind.

3D Design Project Simulation Planning
3D Design Project Simulation Planning

Our clients can get preview on the design prior to construction commencement with 3D Display Technology.

Improve Company Image through Commercial Interior Design
Improve Company Image through Commercial Interior Design

We apply concept of Corporate Identity System (CIS) in commercial interior design to highlight branding and extraordinary features of the commercial space.

Quality Control on the Designer Team and Construction Process
Quality Control on the Designer Team and Construction Process

We ensure discussion and communication on building materials and techniques are carried out prior to construction commencement. All in all, it is to guard quality assurance, as well as to ensure safety and manage project progress.

Design always comes from humanity. Inch Design and you create a better future life!

「英」Inspirational communication that conveys goodness in reputation and materials.

「奇」Practical creation that conveys unique and aesthetical creativity.

Our Services and Objectives

We are Inch Interior Design and Renovation Limited Company, it has been more than
ten years since we started off as “Caihong Design Team” and become reputable. We are
extremely grateful for support and opportunities to shine from all our clients. Over the
years, we gather more and more experiences on design and construction, at the same
time, building clients’ confidence to always get the best out of our services. We believe in
providing the best service to our clients, it starts with careful handling in every details
and upholding attitude of high efficiency and efficacy. These principles are applicable to
every project, including residential project planning in the beginning, to designs of
residential project, commercial space, presale houses, sample houses, public facilities,
office space, engineering construction, etc.Our designer Zhang QiPei upholds her belief that all designing inspiration should originate from each individual, which includes each unique lifestyle, personal background and experiences. While we all have our own special stories to tell, we deserve functional living space that best suits us. Our designer applies these unique design elements into the functional space made just for you.

Our Philosophy

We focus on transforming our clients’ personal preferences into personalized design
elements. Meanwhile, mature construction techniques are infused to create functional
spaces that are one of a kind and full of creativity.Not only all designing inspirations originate from clients’ lifestyle and habit, they also revolve around these unique characteristics. It’s in human nature to enjoy beauty, whilst design originates from humanity. Our designer team delivers wonder through realizing beauty in our creative work.

Introduction to Our Designer: Designer’s Profile

Master in Interior Design at Chung Yuan Christian University
Zhang QiPei Designer with National License
Inch Design and Renovation Limited Company
2008 - 2017
Project Designer at Caihong Design Team
2002 - 2007
Project Designer at Interior Design Company

Design Competition Experience:

First attempt at German iF Design Award
First attempt at Italy A’ Design Award and Competition

Design Contract Process Flow

1 | Initial Communication

Briefing on basic concept and design process flow,
understanding clients’ need, design space conditions, design and construction
budget and charges。

2 | Measurements

Onsite visit for measurement, followed by design floor plan。

3 | Floor Plan Discussion and Signing of Design Contract:

Discussion based on the
design floor plan will be carried out to confirm overall flow plan, followed by
contract signing.。

4 | Material Confirmation and Signing of Construction Contract:

Explanation and
discussion on construction materials and techniques used will be carried out,
followed by confirmation on construction costing and progress chart,
subsequently signing of construction contract。

5 | Construction Commencement with Project Progress and Flow Management:

Project will be commenced with accordance to design floor plan and
construction progress chart. The project progress and quality will be managed
and monitored throughout according to contract. The construction cost of each
progress stage will be collected simultaneously。

6 | Project Completion

Final payment will be collected upon completion and
acceptance by client. The warranty period is one year。

Designing Charges

Location : North of Hsinchu

ResidentialTWD6000 – TWD8000/pyeong
TWD80,000 if design space is less than ten pyeong。

Engineering Survey Charges

Valuation is based on unit price as below; final rate will be adjusted on case-to-case basis。

Commercial Space : TWD30,000 – 80,000

New Residential Lot : TWD80,000 – 100,000

Pre-occupied Residential Lot : TWD100,000 – 120,000(to be adjusted according to details valuation sheet)

Site survey cost is 10% of construction valuation fee.

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Office Hours : Monday – Friday | 9am – 6pm

1F., No.60, Ln. 410, Minzu E. Rd., Jhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104066, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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